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Rental Yatch and Sailboat in Tenerife

Enjoy an unforgettable adventure aboard our luxury yachts and sailsboat discover the magic of Tenerife on a 7 days and 6 nights trip. Walk along the paradisiacal beaches of crystal clear waters and white sand, explore the picturesque villages with their cobblestone streets and traditional houses, delight your palate with the delicious gastronomy and live the local culture in its festivals and traditions.

Poseidon Week offers you a unique and unrepeatable experience. A trip full of relaxation, adventure, culture and emotions that will make you feel like in an earthly paradise.

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends natural beauty with vibrant culture, offering an unforgettable experience for tourists. Known for its diverse landscapes, Tenerife boasts golden sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes, lush forests, and charming coastal villages.

Highlights Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of all the Canary Islands in Spain. In the north, it stands out for its beautiful and peculiar black sand beaches of volcanic origin, with great waves and spectacular landscapes. In the south, its beaches are of golden sand and callao:

  • Benijo beach: it is a paradisiacal, intimate and quiet beach, ideal for watching the sunset in Tenerife. It is very popular with naturism and water sports enthusiasts.
  • Diego Hernández beach: it is known as La Caleta de los Hippie. It is a beach of crystalline waters and limestone rock, ideal for nudism.
  • El Bollullo beach: one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, with black sand and calm waters, located near Puerto de la Cruz. It is made up of a large main beach and a cove. It has restaurants, beach bars and sun loungers for rent.
    La Tejita beach: it is a quiet beach located next to the Montaña Roja Special Nature Reserve, with golden sands and calm, clean waters. It is suitable for nudists..
  • Las Américas beach: eit is a beach with calm waters and blond sands, for family enjoyment and the practice of nautical sports. It has a wide variety of beach bars, shops, restaurants, bars and  discotheques. It offers numerous services: parking, lifeguards, showers, access for the disabled, among other services.
  • Las Teresitas beach: it is a beach with crystal clear and calm waters, located very close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island. It has several services: lifeguards, beach bars and car parks.
  • Las Vistas beach: beautiful beach of fine golden sand located in Los Cristianos, in the south of Tenerife. Its waters are serene and clean and it is one of the most popular beaches in the south of the island. It has been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Environmental Foundation.
  • Los Cristianos beach: it is a beach with calm waters and little waves, located in the south of Tenerife. It is very popular for water activities and has several beach bars.
  • Los Gigantes or de Los Guíos beach: it has impressive cliffs of about 600 metres high, known as “the wall of hell”. It also has other small and picturesque beaches.
  • Jardín beach: this is one of the most famous beaches in the tourist centre of Puerto de la Cruz. It has black sand, with magnificent views of Mount Teide. It has gardens with autochthonous flora, paths between stone walls and waterfalls, and includes all the services.
  • Tamadite beach: this is a beach that is difficult to access and is located within the Anaga Rural Park. It is ideal for a hiking route.
  • Cueva del Viento: this is one of the most impressive volcanic caves in Tenerife and is considered one of the longest caves on the planet, with an extension of 18 kilometres. Its route includes numerous labyrinths, underground landscapes, as well as diverse geomorphological phenomena and fossils.
  • Los Gigantes Cliffs: this is a great basaltic wall of volcanic origin located on the west coast of Tenerife, 600 metres above the sea.
  • Botanical Garden of Puerto de La Cruz or Acclimatization Garden of La Orotava: located in North Tenerife, created by Royal Order of King Carlos III on 17 August 1788. It has an extensive collection of exotic species of flora and vegetation from the tropics. It includes a Library and a Herbarium.
  • Plaza de España: this is the largest urban space in the whole of the Canary Islands, with an area of 5,026 square metres. It has been declared “Plaza de Interés Insular” by the Cabildo of Tenerife.
  • The Construction Park: it is located in the city of La Laguna and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. It has a duck pond and children’s play areas.
  • García Sanabria Park: it is a park located near the town hall, with a great variety of plant species, rest areas, sculptures and cafés.
  • Teide National Park: it is considered the roof of Spain and the third largest volcanic structure in the world, at 3,718 metres high.
  • Barranco del Infierno Special Nature Reserve: this is a beautiful landscape of great geological interest, made up of protected natural spaces. It has an extension of 6.5 kilometres, which includes deep gorges, waterfalls and caves where the Guanches lived.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival: it is one of the most popular celebrations in Spain and the rest of the world. This festival was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest in 1980. It includes an entertaining programme: children’s and adults’ murgas competition, election of the carnival queen, parade, a big party in the streets of the city and the traditional Burial of the Sardine.
  • Festivity of Santa Cruz (Canary Islands Day): Canary Islands Day is celebrated throughout the Canary Islands on 30 May to commemorate the anniversary of the first session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Fiestas del Carmen: traditional religious festival in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, Patron Saint of Sailors.
  • Fiestas de la Candelaria: this is a popular festival in honour of the Virgen de la Candelaria, patron saint of the Canary Islands. It has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest and is held on 15 August.
  • Fiestas Patronales de la Villa de La Orotava (Tenerife): the Octave of Corpus Christi (La Orotava) is a festivity that began to be celebrated from the 17th century onwards on the occasion of Corpus Christi, when the locals began to make carpets of flowers to welcome the annual procession in the  treets of the town.
  • Fuegos del Risco (Garachico): this festival commemorates the natural disaster of this town, which  was completely destroyed by the eruption of the Trevejo volcano in 1706. It is celebrated with fireworks and incandescent balls, and is considered one of the most impressive pyrotechnic displays in the Canary Islands.
  • Los Hachitos de San Juan – Icod de los Vinos: is a festivity that is celebrated during the night of San Juan, to mark the beginning of the summer solstice. The “Hachitos” or “candelabros” are 2 to 3  etres high, made of tea wood and decorated with branches, flowers and ribbons, carrying one or more pots with oil-soaked cloths.
  • Tablas de San Andrés (Icod de los Vinos): this is one of the local fiestas in Icod de los Vinos. Young  people and adults slide on wooden planks down the street “del plano”, while the local harvesters uncork the wines from the last harvest.
  • Carne Cabra: a stew prepared with goat meat, carrots, onion, red pepper, almonds, olives, sultanas, strong red wine, salt, cumin and thyme.
  • Carne Fiesta: pork taco meat seasoned with adobo and served with french fries.
  • Escaldón: a dish made with gofio mixed with fish or meat broth, with the addition of chopped onion and red mojo.
  • Frangollo: this is one of the most typical desserts of Tenerife’s cuisine. It is a porridge made from corn flour, lemon, sugar, almonds and cinnamon.
  • Gofio: this is one of the emblematic products of the Canary Islands. It is a toasted cereal flour, made from millet (maize) or wheat crushed in mills. In 1994 the European Union granted it the protected designation of origin.
  • Papas Arrugadas con Mojo: this is the most popular dish in Tenerife and the Canary Islands. Papas arrugadas are boiled in their skins and covered with salt and accompanied with mojo, prepared with peppers or coriander.
  • Potaje de Berros (watercress stew): this is one of the most popular stews on the islands, especially in Gran Canaria, La Gomera and Tenerife. It is prepared with watercress, salted pork ribs, beans, carrots, potatoes, pineapples and sweet potatoes.
  • Puchero Canario: similar to other Spanish stews, it includes Canarian potato, sweet potato and pineapple.
  • Rancho Canario: this is one of the most delicious and typical spoon dishes, prepared with noodles, chickpeas, potatoes, pork ribs and chorizo or meat.
  • Ropa Vieja: a typical dish prepared with the leftovers of the puchero canario or other dishes, which includes chickpeas, beef, chicken, fried potatoes and red pepper.
  • Tollos: these are strips of dogfish, which can be eaten dried or in sauce.
  • Boombastic Festival Canarias: is a festival held in June, designed more as an experience than a musical event. Attendees can get married in the Wedding Chapel, watch a concert from a Ferris wheel, eat at the Food Trucks and enjoy the concerts.
  • Canarias Folk Fest Arona: is a festival that takes place between January and May in the Paseo marítimo de Los Cristianos, with live folklore shows, as well as a representation of typical Canarian products and trades.
  • Karting Club Tenerife: a superb professional karting circuit, 1,250 metres long and up to 400cc.
  • Loro Parque: modern zoo with spaces for animal care, scientific study and awareness of the global environmental crisis. It has several spaces: aRA jungle, Orchidarium, Museum of Porcelain Parrots, among others.
  • Mariposario del Drago: is a glassed-in tropical garden located in Icod de los Vinos, with more than 800 exotic butterflies from all over the world flying free. It includes a butterfly breeding. Programme.
  • MonKey Park: is a small zoo located near the large tourist centre of Los Cristianos, in the south of the island of Tenerife. It is the only zoo in the Canary Islands that allows you to walk through the animals’ cages, touch them and feed them. It has contact areas with small animals.
  • ARTlandya Dolls Museum: is a museum that pays tribute to the manufacture of dolls and teddy bears located in Icod de los Vinos, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It exhibits more than 600 unique and centenary pieces of teddy bears and dolls of all kinds.

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